I started this blog because I was reading through Bitchy Jones’s blog. Despite her crude humour and sarcastic personality she’s touched a part of me that I still hold today. I also needed some place to talk about my craft and to vent about certain things. Despite having a… blog on Tumblr dot Hell, I found myself unwilling to vent about the things I feel because of how many people on there would swarm me, asking me what’s wrong. Aside from the fact that willowtreeviridity is more like an aesthetic/kin blog rather than a personal/vent.

So I guess you can call this a trauma blog. Only it’s not.

A lot of the times I just can’t sit down and write a fucking coherent diary entry because for one reason or another I don’t have a set of specific thoughts, they’re always racing, and I end up forgetting things.

But I’m getting off track, as usual.

My name is Lizzie. I reside in a unit along with three other alters. We collectively exist because of a disorder called DID (if you read my about sidebar, you would already fucking know to look it up instead of putting twelve comments on this post asking “Lizzie, what the fuck is DID?”

Let me make it easy for you, though, since you are apparently too lazy to do it yourself.

And yeah, the answer to “How can you be a fictional character if this is real life?!??” is in that website too.

Let’s try again, my name is Lizzie. I’m probably in my late twenties (emphasis on ‘probably’), I’m autistic, I love to write and draw. And my husband, Ciel, and his friend, Celeste, teamed up to tell me I’m probably Bipolar.

Which, yeah, I believe them after a period of disbelief.

So this is my introduction. I have a lot to talk about. Realizations that happen throughout my life, memories that only me and my husband remember. My social life. But I can only talk to an audience. I hope we can all have fun here, and who knows, maybe you guys can help me learn something about myself. But for now, fare-thee-well.


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