I realize that I didn’t write anything for Easter.

Probably because I didn’t make this blog until after Easter.

I’m pretty much making this post also to let you guys know my blog will be updating on Monday of every week, with an occasional post for the holidays. So I guess for this Easter (which I missed) I’ll be writing about a memory me and Ciel discussed. (Note that all Monday posts are most likely old and my current life probably doesn’t have to do with them anymore, this is because I write them when I feel like it and then schedule them for the next free Monday.)

On Easter, the first one we spent together after Ciel returned from the Cult, my mother had suggested that we spend Easter at the Phantomhive manor as we always had. Before Easter consisted of finding eggs and sharing prayers over meals, but Ciel of course didn’t seem interested in them. Neither did eye. We both felt like God had abandoned us in our greatest time of need. Plus, I always felt like something was off with Ciel’s butler, who radiated darkness and hatred and the colour black. In fact, nobody in my family particularly adored Sebastian. It’s as if we all just had the ability to sense when something was unholy. (lol)

Ciel had his staff dressed up like Alice in Wonderland characters. I wanted to be the white rabbit though, so Ciel made Sebastian dress up like Alice and let me be the white rabbit.

We then went egg hunting. That was the best part about it, because Ciel was having fun, he was smiling and laughing so much, it made my heart burst with happiness, but I had a feeling he was letting me find all the eggs. (Even though we were a team, if he found an egg it wouldn’t matter… stupid dork.)

There had been a chocolate egg hidden, but April had been very warm that year, and when we found it, it had melted. He suggested that we leave it where it was but I was young and reckless, I reached out and started salvaging what I could from the egg. I got chocolate all over my hands and face, and I was laughing the entire time Ciel nagged over me, trying to clean me up, because Francis was here and he didn’t want me getting in trouble.

At some point he stopped cleaning me with his stupid handkerchief (I didn’t like the way the material felt against my skin. Autism Things) and started licking his thumb and trying to clean my face that way, and because I was an idiot (read: I’m still an idiot) I leaned forward to try and lick the chocolate off his finger.

I don’t remember what happened, but after talking to Ciel about the memory, he admitted he slipped on the grass because he wasn’t wearing shoes made to be worn in grass. His thumb got jammed in my eye and he spent the next four minutes furiously apologizing while I rubbed my injured eye, stunned. It was really funny to me.

Until I got pink eye. (That was the worst part of it, because doctors kept telling me that I was going to lose my eye, and my mother wouldn’t let me go out without an eye patch. An eye for an eye I guess!)

I remember after the finger-in-the-eye incident it had begun drizzling, so Ciel took his overcoat off and gave it to me to keep me from getting wet. Once we got inside, I remember mother telling me that it was time to go, and me complaining that I didn’t want to.

She yelled at me after that, haha.

It was the best Easter I ever had.

But anyway, happy late Easter, everyone!


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