The first time I ever age regressed, it was around Ciel.

And I had triggered him.

So I haven’t age regressed ever since then, and it’s been months. People have told me that repressing it wasn’t good, that I should be able to age regress, but I feel like there’s no point if I just hurt Ciel.

So I’ve dedicated myself mainly as a caretaker, even though nobody probably likes me. Which is a shame, to be honest. I feel like nobody likes me during regression, normally, and in Mommy Space. That’s okay… I guess.

But it makes me feel a certain way, sour I guess, when everyone I know is enjoying little space and the closest I’m going to get to it is when I mentally regress so bad that I end up non-verbal, and yet I have all my memories and emotions of being an adult.

So joining a Discord server that is age regression friendly is a fun place to try and get my childhood back, only Ciel happens to be in the discord group, and I know it’s for Lily’s age regression (Lily is my best friend), but I just feel like I’m going to hurt him one way or another.



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